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Free Download Driver Dell Vostro 1510 Windows 7 Install Update

I need A driver for my dell vostro laptop compatibale with my windows 7 ultimate. HI milan, the driver above should work for your windows 7 ultimate. Please Send me a proper lonk where i can download the proper webcam driver for my dell vostro laptop for windows 7. I have no any driver you ae talking about ,I need Diver for webcam. Sorry please send me a proper link to download the above driver. Thank you for making this available Please help me, I can't find the graphic Driver 64x for my Dell Vostro , I installed Window 7 Ultimate but the graphic card 32x doesn't work.

Thank you so much for replying me, I installed that driver 64x successfully. But it didn't work. I try to play video files but they're still in bad quality and subtitle couldn't come up. Here are my display detail, I hope you can help me figure it out: MSC and press enter.

Oh thanks, I got it now. Here I captured my screen with Hardware detail http: EXE after finish download, to install it right click on it and select run as administartor. Thank you so much Mr Black-x. But another thing I wanna ask is which driver is for Memory card reading? For card reader use this driver: Thank you so much for everything.

Now my laptop seem to be fine, but in the future if I got any problem, may be I have to ask you again: P I got the problem with touchpad scroll too.

It normally works, but the scroll doesn't work for any dropdown window, I don't know why, please help me: Hi kien, try install this Quick lauch driver: Hi krish, try to install this drivers, one of them should work: I've just try it, and it said this driver does not match my system: I've done both, but it still says This does not work on my system: HI frnds, in a response for Milan ftp: Hi naveen, normally external HDD will be detect automatically. MSC on the search box and press enter.

There check for your external HDD normally it say unallocated disk space and note the size must be same as your external HDD. Ok kien, i will look for other drivers that might work and post it later, i will reply asap.

I need the sound card driver pls give me link from where a]i can download it the one said above doesnt work. The Bluetooth driver is mentioned to be for 32bits but it's working for 64bits also.

Hi I have dell laptop and i want to know about the graphic card is it is inbuilt or not i want to play games but process of the games are very slow so plz help me out.

Thanks heaps Black-x, i have just reinstalled windows 7 using the 64bit version on my vostro Australian model only to find that the dell website doesn't seem to support 64bit drivers for the , thanks to your help on these posts I have everything I need now, cheers only issue I'm left with is the track-pad cant do the scrolling on the right-hand side of pad like the other guys mentioned, I have tried compatibility mode with several OS options and running in admin mode to try and install driver from dell but nogo, All the Best from Wangaratta Vic Australia.

Some movies sounds louder. Hi friends, i have dell vostro This comment has been removed by the author. Hi Black-X, i have dell vostro bit No drivers for video and gaming controller. Hello it's me again, this time I really need your help with my touch pad, I can't install the touch pad driver above, and now my scroll doesn't work: I have a question for you Black-x Since ive installed windows 7 ultimate on my vostro , my touchpad keeps freezing, ive tried the driver uve mentioned above but it doesnt help, the touchpad keeps freezing every seconds.

Also, i am not the only one facing this issue, u can google it up and see that alot of people hav this issue, the touchpad freezing on windows 7 My system is bit. PNP0F13 I cant upload it for a while since i have problem with internet connection, ill upload it later, just googl the version, you will found many website provides the download.

Black-x Didnt work man, the previous version 7. Please help me out: How about try to adjust your touchpad setting. Start - control panel - Hardware and Sound Under the Devices and printers it show mouse and click on it, a mouse properties windows will pop-out. When i click mouse properties, a window pops up with the following: Dell Touchpad 2nd tab: Pointer Options 5th tab: Hardware If i select Dell touchpad, it says: Click to change Dell Touchpad Settings When i click that, 4 options come: Slow Fast, its selected in the middle at the moment Touch Sensitivity: Light Touch Heavy Touch, its selected at 4th position out of 10 at the moment Taps: Tap to Click is checked Draglock is checked Tapping Speed: Slow Fast, it is at the middle at the moment Touchcheck: Btw, i dont think this is a setting issue, cause the mouse freezes, but i tried to mess with the touchpad sensitivity settings, no luck, it still freezes.

For fingerprint reader driver: The above drivers you have given to milan for webcam "Page is not found".. I'm updating all my windows drivers Hi vertical, Download the file using this mediafire links: And i need wifi drivers for my dell wostro i m using win 7.

Give me a direct link for this drives This driver works for me. Its for the touchpad of a , but also works on Windows 7 64bits.

So here are my suggestion: System restore perform system restore, example the problem happen today, select the restore date prior to the problem. To perform system restore you can refer my tutorial here: The common solution that work to fix the dirver issue is by editing the registry for the DVD ROM, to do that you can refer my tutorial here. To check weather the DVD ROM is faulty or not, theres only one way that i know to confirm it; reformat your laptop and this is the last thing to do to check if it faulty.

If you're wondering why this happen, few reason that i know is: Microsoft update solve by system restore or unistall the updates 2. Corrupt windows file solve by system restore 3.

Virus very rare case, may solve with system restore or antivirus etc or reformat 4. If you do want to try with higher version of the driver you can download it from this website, your current driver version is A. I hope you could help me! I've just bought a vostro , second hand. Looks in good condition, but I had a lot of problems with.

It had a fresh win7 on it, but not all of the drivers were installed, so I started to get them. But after I installed the nvidia driver later I tried with what you suggest the laptop does not want too boot at all. Black sreen, or maybe the "starting windows" sreen appears, but that's all! Keeps for ages, and than restart again.

After I tried to install xp, and win7 again, seem to me more difficult, than before with my computers, but maybee I'm just not clever enough. So now my win7 seems to work, but I didn't install any driver yet. The sreen doesn behave bad, but I wan't to use a second monitor as well I want to work with music production softwares, what's more, maybe with video as well , so I need the video performance. Could you suppose something? Hi Huba, Actually i would like to thanks for the feedback, that i know something missing in my post about the drivers.

In you case, i like to get all of your driver in classic way, which is we identified your hardware and try to get the proper version of the driver. First i need you to get the hardware ID for all the device mark in yellow in device manager. Before installing - right click on the driver and select properties, the select compatibility, the select run this program in compatibility mode for" Select windows vista.

Thanks for the link to the SD driver x64 - worked perfectly. If you already try it and didn't work, i need to identify your network first before suggest the right driver for you. You have to get me the hardware ID for the network, simply follow my guide here: Hardware ID guide and post then hardware ID here. Dell vostro Windows XP Driver: I installed win 7 32bits and wireless doesn't work. The wireless netwrk adapter is missing.

Free Download Driver Dell Vostro 1510 Windows 7

Dell Vostro 1510 Driver Download

I need A driver for my dell vostro laptop compatibale with my windows 7 ultimate. HI milan, the driver above should work for your windows 7 ultimate. Please Send me a proper lonk where i can download the proper webcam driver for my dell vostro laptop for windows 7. I have no any driver you ae talking about ,I need Diver for webcam. Sorry please send me a proper link to download the above driver.

DELL Vostro 1510 Windows 7 Drivers

Free Download Driver Dell Vostro 1510 Windows 7

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