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Download Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 Driver Install Update

Tiny, comfortable form factor. Features several color options and ergonomic design. Ambidextrous support through SetPoint. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M is a tiny mouse that nearly takes the cake in the ultraportable category, because of its stowaway receiver, mobility, and comfortable design.

With an incredibly ergonomic design squeezed out of such a small frame, this ambidextrous mouse brings on the comfort where other ultraportables fall behind.

But if browser buttons and high-end feature sets are what you crave, you'll have to look elsewhere. Design and Features With seven available colors and patterns on top of a comfy fit, the M suites those who are on the go often.

Contoured rubber grips on its sides coupled with smooth, grooved plastic click buttons make for a comfortable navigating experience within an exceptionally simple design. Aside from customization available through Logitech's SetPoint software, this mouse doesn't have any terribly unique features to note. The SetPoint software, though, allows users to change sensitivity setting and change the function of the mouse buttons to suite righties or lefties.

A stowaway nano receiver and use off of a single AA battery with power indicator make the M, again, beautifully simple. Performance Being designed with mobility and portability for general users in mind, the M isn't going to wow its users in terms of speed or accuracy. However, when tested on surfaces we generally associated with being on the move arm rests, laps and on top of bags this mouse provided exactly what commuters will need: When it comes to mice on the move, the M performs and feels better than its competitors.

However, this mouse is lacking in features that many of the more enthusiastic users look for, primarily browser enabled buttons. More Computer Mouse Reviews: Rocketfish Nano Wireless Optical Mouse. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

Cons No features beyond its multiple color offerings and SetPoint software support. Bottom Line The Logitech Wireless Mouse M is a tiny mouse that nearly takes the cake in the ultraportable category, because of its stowaway receiver, mobility, and comfortable design. Get Our Best Stories! Fastest Mobile Networks How to Clone a Hard Drive. The Best Laptops of The Best PC Games.

Download Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 Driver

logitech wireless mouse m305 mouse

I have toshiba laptop with windows 7 and i frequently store it in a laptop bag so i take to nano reciever for my wireless mouse out of the computer. Error code 43 denotes that one of the drivers controlling the device notified the operating system that the device failed in some manner. You may check after uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers if you are able to connect the drive. You may disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps: Then, restart your computer and Windows 7 will reinstall all USB controllers automatically. If you still face the same issue then you may check for the updated USB device drivers. Refer to the below link for assistance—. You may also refer the below link and check if downloading and installing latest drivers from Logitech helps to resolve the issue: Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help.

Logitech M705 Usb Driver

Download Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 Driver

Though the operating system is over 10 years old, Windows XP is still used in a number of workplaces that did not see an advantage in upgrading to Windows Vista or Windows 7. Though official support for all but the last Windows XP service pack has ended, many computer hardware manufacturers continue to offer Windows XP drivers. Logitech offers Windows XP drivers for a number of its products, including both wired and wireless computer mice. Navigate to the Logitech Support downloads page, where you will see four different options for finding drivers: Auto-detect, model number, a drop-down list and a set of category images see link in Resources. Locate the specific Logitech mouse used on the computer running Windows XP. If the mouse is connected by USB, wireless or Bluetooth connection and you are searching from the computer that it is connected to, Auto-detect may be your best option as it detects both the device and the operating system. Click the "Downloads" header on the product support page for the mouse once you've located it. Select "Windows XP" from the drop-down operating system listing, then select the mouse driver from the drop-down software list.

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