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Zebra Printer Driver Mac Os X Install Update

This is a detailed article and we go through each step. Printers that would work with these settings are: We have not tested this configuration with any other printers, hence we recommend using one of the above. We do not support other label printers for Artisan 4.

In order to make a label printer work and be visible on the Mac so Artisan can use it, we need to enable CUPS printing system. You can read more about CUPS at this link https: In past versions of Apple operating systems, the web administration page was turned on by default, but now it has changed.

In order to enable it, follow the instructions below: Now we need to add the printer so we can send raw text no formatting to it from Artisan POS 4.

Once you click on continue you may or may not be prompted to select the brand name of the printer. If you are not able to see it. This is what we want. On the banners screen. Banners should be set to: If a similar message has not been displayed or you have an error, make sure you followed all the steps correctly.

Enter a name for the class. A confirmation page should let you know that the class has been added. If not, make sure all steps were followed correctly. Before we go into the next step, make sure the printer and class has been created correctly. To do so on the CUPS web interface: Verify printer on Mac. By this step we have the printer ready to go. If this is what shows up. Add printer in Artisan. Now lets open Artisan and select this printer. Save the settings and start printing labels.

Support Center Search and Get Help. Home Support Center Knowledge Base. X or later 1. Go to the Classes tab and see if the the class for the raw printer exists. Verify printer on Mac By this step we have the printer ready to go. Add printer in Artisan Now lets open Artisan and select this printer.

Zebra Printer Driver Mac Os X

Installing a Zebra Label Printer on a Mac OS X 10.5

But third-party drivers might still be available for older devices that do require a driver. If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically. This list is no longer updated. Many vendors of printers and scanners have adopted driverless technologies such as AirPrint, and they are no longer providing drivers for new devices.

Zebra ZD420 Driver Download

Zebra Printer Driver Mac Os X

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