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Seagate 1.5 Tb Driver Download Install Update

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. It has fully paid all operational costs for your HardForum enjoyment! Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review. Nov 23, 1. Users may experiences pauses in video streaming applications or a dropped drive from RAID arrays. Customers seeing these symptoms should contact Seagate Technical Support directly by phone or by email for a firmware upgrade.

Please include the following disk drive information: You will receive a prompt response with appropriate instructions. Zerokenohki , Nov 23, Nov 23, 2. So is the firmware user-upgradeable or is it something inherent within the PCB that can't be changed by the end user? Syntax Error , Nov 23, Nov 23, 3. They don't let end users flash firmware on consumer drives, only on the enterprise drives.

Nov 23, 4. So how long till we might be able to start picking these up from retailers without having to worry about getting a bad firmware? Nov 23, 5. Nov 23, 6. The issue has been reported to happen with Vista and to a lesser extent, XP. The firmware IS end user flashable however obtaining the firmware update files may take a bit of effort although I didn't have much of a problem but I also had a pre-existing trouble ticket to go by. It took a while but I'm pleased so far. ReelMcCoy , Nov 23, Nov 23, 7.

Odd, they've never released updates for consumer drives before that I'm aware of. Nov 23, 8. Nov 23, 9. I haven't checked to see if my drive is an offender, but it took from last night until like 2 hours ago to move a library of music from my Drobo to the 1.

The folder was about GB. I know thats a large folder but I've never encountered something this slow before. Maybe its the Drobo software lagging things down, but its not this slow writing to it, which should be harder since its backing stuff up too. Its only a minor nuisance since the 1. I am pleased to discover the drive gets less hot than my 1TB seagate drives though.

Retronym , Nov 23, Nov 25, ReelMcCoy , Nov 25, A link from AVS forum to the update for those interested: DO NOT use on any other part number or firmware. I'm using my 2 drives as backup right now, and though they're among the part numbers that are affected, I think I'll hold off with this until I am impacted by the performance issues. Too much hassle to pull everything apart for the time being. MasterTactician , Nov 25, Nov 27, Then execute the batch file 8HSD1A. I just ordered one of these drives, and am preparing myself to have to update it, should there be a need.

How exactly do you create a DOS bootable device though? I'm all prepped and ready to unload a firmware update should there be a need once my drive arrives. I was holding off on buying these because this problem. It seems to be somewhat safe now that they have released a firmware fix.

Just to be on the safe side when you do this I would make sure that none of your other drives or even raid controllers are connected to the system. Not that it will hurt them in any way but this is kind of an interesting situation Manufactures of HDD's typically dont let consumers flash firmware That was definitely my plan. Both HDDs will be disconnected from both data and power cables, so the blank Seagate drive will be the only hard disk connected. And I wonder myself if Seagate condones this end-user flashing of this drive's firmware It didn't appear so on their website, but Newegg's information says otherwise!

Kido , Nov 27, Read the thread theres a link. Nov 28, So if I buy one of these from, say Newegg what are the chances it'll have the updated firmware? Azureth , Nov 28, What's the bad firmware that these drives are shipping with and when were they made? GilmourD , Nov 28, I have one of the 1. What's the quickest way to check if the drive has the delay problem so I don't have to jump through too many hoops when calling Seagate? Copy a bunch of large files, a bunch of small files, a mix of the two?

Decius , Nov 28, I bought five of these drives from Newegg yesterday. Let's hope that they're of the updated firmware ilk, otherwise it'll be a pain to get it in working order for my RAID setup. Syntax Error , Nov 28, Nov 29, Just letting you all know, I'm working on preparing a guide on how to update these puppies, should they come in with the wrong firmware.

I've got it all ready. I just need the actual drive to get here so I can test my methods. If it works, I will definitely post the guide here, so hopefully people don't have to scour Google for hours like I did to work out some minor details.

The files that MasterTactician provided were enough for me to flash my two drives fairly easily. Now that the kinks have supposedly been ironed out, hopefully I'll be able to get a few more of these drives before NewEgg bumps the price up. I don't really think you need Seatools to view the firmware version. At least for me, all the product number and firmware versions, etc. GilmourD , Nov 29, The firmware is listed on the sticker of all my Seagate drives..

CarlsonCustoms , Nov 29, On my drive, right on the sticker, there is serial number, part number, model number, firmware version and some other numbers right on the top in plain view. Of course, it's possible that Seagate actually flashed the drives to something else but I really doubt it. Windows device manager has the firmware version also but not the part number as far as I can tell. You need Seatools for that probably. I'd double check with software to make sure the firmware you've got is what's on the sticker.

It's very unlikely that they're different, but it only takes 10 seconds to do. Dec 1, DJS2 , Dec 1, I ordered some of these drives from the Egg the other day, I'll report back as to what firmware revision I have for these drives as a reference point for others who are thinking about purchasing these drives soon. Hopefully , the drives are of the latest or at least functioning revision so I won't have to do it myself.

Syntax Error , Dec 1, In fear of retailers raising the price of these drives because of a possible fix I placed an order for one from tigerdirect. I will report back with the firmware once I get the drive. I will also probably report back with some questions on what exact steps to take ensuring the best possible chance to get my drive up and running without problems.

I ordered one Thanksgiving day. TheSmJ , Dec 1, So everybody's having an easy time updating the firmware? GilmourD , Dec 1,

Seagate 1.5 Tb Driver Download

seagate expansion external hard drive 1tb

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Seagate 1.5TB Firmware Update Fix

Seagate 1.5 Tb Driver Download

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