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Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 Driver Download Install Update

See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I can't really fault the sound out of these. In combination with the mixer tool available from Corsair's website it is excellent and brings game audio alive.

If you just plug them into your PC, chances are they'll be recognized and installed as a sound device but you're not really going to get the full benefit of the, usually pseudo, 7.

Here's the problem - I bought these to use with Skyrim. I played Skyrim for hours on end and definitely felt it when I took the headset off, even if I didn't notice it so much while playing but my ears, and I can only really talk about my ears, were pretty sore. Eventually I figured out I needed to adjust the placement of the top band so it rested on my head "just so" to take the pressure off my ears but even then there's quite a lot of sideways pressure as well.

Entirely possible my head is a funny shape, but it's average size - certainly not a pumpkin head. Second problem and again this could be Skyrim specific is that I was unable to adjust the volume using the attached headset control.

Firstly I'd prefer a slider so I can visually see where the volume is set but secondly it just didn't work in-game.

If I alt-tab out of the game it works, but it was a disappointing niggle. It still won't work with Skyrim, but I can confirm that the headset volume controls works with other games, eg Bastion I have a lighter, cheaper, much lower quality USB headset which is far more comfortable to wear - you wouldn't know you had it on - and unfortunately I'm reaching for that for my late night gaming sessions.

I've had this headset for at least years now. I can say that it's by far the comfiest headset I've ever owned and the microphone is really good quality. The inline controls are useful and the cord is really long as well. As for the 5. The sound quality is OK, I've always found it to be good in gaming, however for music it's not that good it really lacks bass.

By lacking I mean non existent which is a bit underwhelming. I don't use these on a regular basis, I prefer to use my 2. One thing I would say about the ear cups is that they can get pretty hot they aren't very breathable. I've not had this happen that often and it's never really bothered me much. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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I bought these as a replacement for my Sound blaster Arena headset. I read a lot of reviews to decide between USB simulated 7. Tom's hardware review seemed to answer all my questions, saying that in the real world it was just about impossible to tell the difference in directionallity between the 2 systems. So USB seemed the way to go for convenience. These Corsairs got the best reviews just about everywhere that tested them so that was it.

Build quality is excellent, a real top quality feel to them, not flimsy cheap plastic. Now for sound quality. Just amazing, truely astounding. And they really divide the different sounds apart, not just a general stero sound.

Gunfire, explosions, helicopters, footsteps. They can all be picked out seperately even when all going on at once. Skype- crystal clear mic, no annoying echo of your own voice I had with the soundblasters.

Music and film - Most gaming headsets have a bad review for films and music. Stick these into bypass mode and they again will blow you away. Corsair have a reputation for good quality gear with excellent build quality. Plus you get a 2 year Corsair warranty. Buy these, you will not be dissapointed. However I had seen some very positive reviews for this item so I took a chance.

I am extremely glad I did. These outperform the aforementioned HSs by a country mile and are very comfortable to boot. While they are a little bulkier the ear pads are very comfortable while being worn and the headset doesn't become uncomfortable during long gaming sessions. The enclosing ear cups block out ambient sound very well allowing me to become immersed far more easily.

The build is very sturdy and actually look very good, even if quite larged by comparison. The sound detailing on games is very rich and I can experience a wider range of sound with these. The different equaliser presets available in software really didn't offer radical change as far as my ears could tell but did help with some of the different requirements of my FPS and MMO game genre favourites.

However the standard flat setting was equally good as far as my ears were concerned. I am not sure if that says anything about these headphones or my ears though. I tried the virtual surround which was impressive with the FPS giving real immersion and a sense of location that was sometimes unnerving.

The microphone quality is also very good with the noise cancelling capability successfully filtering out a lot of ambient noise. The reproduction of my voice was clear and quite well detailed for the price of this headset Music was an absolute delight.

Warm tones shining through, trebles not too tinny and bass well defined and punchy. Here the equaliser helped tweak the sounds from classical to electronica without swerving too much from the essential baseline. I am suitably impressed. Watching a DVD or BluRay with these was also very impressive with extremely good detailing in the sound, much more suitable to a higher cost set of headphones such as my Sennheisers. Bass was deep and involving but not overwhelming, mid-range warm and the dialogue clear and audible.

There was a little bit of occasional tinny feel to the high frequencies but nothing worth damning this headset for. All round a very good purchase and I look forward to seeing what Corsair can do with their foray into gaming peripherals if this is anything to go by. I bought this as my brother complained about my music or hearing people I'm on Skype with, and people on Skype complained about my microphone. I've had so many compliments of how clear the microphone is with no background noise.

I can sit with these on my head for about 12 hours taking them off for about 5 minutes every hour or so to grab a drink, food or go to the toilet and still be comfortable.

The only time they have been uncomfortable is when I have my fringe pinned back with hairpins underneath where the headrest sits but I don't think the majority of purchasers will have to worry about that. I found that with my speakers still connected, if I unplugged the headset and plugged it back in, even when the pc was off, my pc wouldn't recognise them in that USB port when I next turned it on.

This is the only bad thing about this headset, as the light on the control stays lit when plugged in to your pc when it is off. But it fits perfectly inside the earpieces so it won't light up the room at night. I'm not sure if this is the same with laptops or not. The sound quality compared to other headsets I've tested or even speakers has been outstanding.

After reactivating it, everything sounds so much better. It may be pricey, but it's comfortable, looks nice, is a good quality and does the job well. These are great headphones with an excellent sound for games and music.

As they are closed cup, they do a great job of cutting down on external noise, although this means that small children and wives can sneak up on you and give you a heck of a fright when you're in a tense situation on Alien Isolation for example. They're still comfortable after 3 or 4 hours but they do make your ears a bit sweaty: But remember to install the Corsair drivers as the standard drivers just don't give you the same effect. Microphone seems to work well - no complaints from team-mates.

Volume control is odd. It's a plus and minus key on a small pod attached to the cord. One, it's surprisingly heavy and two, there is a blue glow around the button which makes it difficult to see which button you are using.

It would have been better to light up the plus and minus sign for easy visibility in the dark. I've been very happy with this kit since I bought them at the end of of Sadly the left speaker has just started working intermittently due to a loose wire, so off it goes under the 2 year warranty.

Got these to go with my new gaming laptop, sound is great have been playing Borderlands 2 and some Skyrim using them and can say that I am very impressed indeed. I can however say that the 7. Overall the build quality is excellent the software works well but is missing a sound test calibration feature of its own however the windows one does the trick.

Haven't tested the mic yet but I didn't really get them for that function. They feel nice over your ears the soft ear cups and padding felt very comfortable allowing me to get completely absorbed into the soundscape of Skyrim.

Recommend these to anyone looking for a decent but not overpriced set of surround sound cans for gaming. Not great constuction around the volume control. The sound is very good from these headphones.

However after just a year , sound started cutting out from one side. When i moved the wire at the volume control.

Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 Driver Download

Corsair Vengeance 1500 vs Corsair Void Wireless Dolby 7.1 RGB: 24 facts in comparison

The Corsair Headset Software Version 2. When headsets are connected, the operating system usually installs a generic driver that helps the computer to recognize the newly attached device and to use its basic functions. Naturally, if you want to have all developed features accessible, proper software must be applied. This task also allows computers to properly recognize all headset characteristics such as manufacturer, model, connection type, and others. To install this release, simply get the package, extract it if necessary, and run the available setup. Afterwards, follow the displayed instructions and, when done, perform a system restart and reconnect the headset to make sure that all changes take effect properly.

Corsair Vengeance 1500 Drivers Download

Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 Driver Download

Corsair is probably best known for its PC memory, SSDs, and power supplies, but the company recently made a splash in the audio world with its excellent SP, previously reviewed in Bringing Home The Bass: We were very impressed with both products. So, we're of course curious to see what else Corsair does in the audio space. Today we're testing its Vengeance Again, though, they're a little tighter than we'd prefer, potentially cutting an all-night gaming session shorter. The microphone boom can be rotated out of the way, as with most models in this round-up. When it comes to the mic's sound quality, the frequency spectrum's high-end is a little muted, though this does a fair job of minimizing background noise. Virtual surround sound is enabled through Dolby Pro Logic IIx, which takes two-channel stereo and up-converts it to 6. So, there's only one speaker per ear. Fortunately, it's a large 50 mm driver with a rated frequency response between 20 and 20 kHz, just like we saw from the HS1.

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