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Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Radio Switch Device -? First of all I am sorry but I have no idea where to post this question. I could not find anything remotely close to the topic I need help with.

I just got my laptop about a week ago and ever since I have been dealing with driver updates, the usual set up, file exchanges etc. I went to check the device manager and noticed the Human Interface Devices section was open. I tried to update the driver but it says the driver is up to date. Does anyone know anything about this Radio Switch Device? I sure would appreciate any help at all. I have tried Google to no avail. I have the same problem Sorry to hear that you're having the same issue.

If I find a solution I will return to let you know. I plan to make some calls on Monday and to ask some friends tomorrow. I have an open thread on these forums all about that issue. Thankfully, I do not use the features of that now-disabled device. Hello David, Thank you so much for your very detailed explanation. I am new to windows Whenever I have gotten a new laptop I have always gone to the Device Manager to update the drivers and have done so in the order the are listed.

I did read the entire user manual and all other information that came with my machine before I charged it and opened it. I did not see any information about an order dependant process for updating drivers and so thank you very much for teaching me about it!

Certainly I did not do what you said I should have done and just updated them in the order they are listed. Do you think it would be best to simply reset to factory settings at this point? I do use Bluetooth frequently and aside from that I plain like everything to work and especially on a machine I've only had for a couple of weeks.

I am uncertain of what else to do from here. But I do now understand what not to do from here on out. You are so right! I thought this pc was no different than any other. And again I never once came across any information whatsoever on the MSI website about a hierarchy for Drivers. I am leaning toward resetting rather than spending days looking for how to reset, uninstall, install and update what when how and why.

I'm not a gamer I got this machine for Adobe CC. Thanks again for your time and help. I reset my WIFI but that did not help either.

I tried this before I had updated any of the drivers. But IF I recall correctly their website downloaded Here is where I went: Then I restarted my laptop and went back to the Radio Switch. The warning icon was gone!

I then went to check to see if the driver needed to be updated but it did not. Next I paired my Galaxy Note 3 with the laptop and tried sending a picture from my phone to the computer. It didn't work at first but then I clicked on More Bluetooth options and checked the: Allow Bluetooth Devices to find this PC.

But that did not help and so I went and removed the check. I then clicked on the: Send or receive files via Bluetooth and finally the picture was received by the laptop.

Do you think I am all set now? In your humble opinion? Do you know where I can find directions or a list of the order in which drivers need to be managed? I haven't been able to find anything after much searching. My laptop did not come with a system disc and therefore I do not believe a clean wipe of the OS is possible for me.

If I could find instructions for your suggestions I would do it but I believe I would also need the system disc I first did a system back up but the computer got to disc 4 and said the disc was not large enough to continue and it was not until after this issue came about that I was able to get a large enough disc to back up. I suppose tomorrow I ought to call tech support. You've been wonderful and I very much appreciate the time and attention that you have given to me about this matter.

So, before I even installed Java or Ps or Illy or anything I found something called GeForce Experience. It said that there was a driver update. I did read about the uninstall but then it also said the G. Experience would handle that for me. This is already on my machine but it ended up being okay.

Uhhg I just want to get back to working. This is "driving" me nuts. So, should I decide to do the factory reset with all it's bloatware. Wait, you mean it'll have even more bloatware?

Yes, I understand this is a user based forum but I am certain you can tell your user experience far outweighs mine! I'm not myself when I'm hungry! LOL Thanks again for all your help!! A factory reset is looking better and better all the time. I'll luk what I do and how it works out for me. The Radio Switch Device says that it's working properly. So, maybe it's okay and I didn't actually uninstall it? Hello Everyone, I have spoken with someone at Microsoft and they have said that the driver did not actually Uninstall because it is still listed in the Device Manager.

So, as far as they can tell everything is fine with the Radio Switch device. They also said that since I can send pictures from a device my phone via Bluetooth to the laptop and since the WIFI is okay and working properly that everything is okay. Here's to hoping they are right! I am not still totally satisfied with things but I suppose I need to get back to work and when I can take another break I'll look into this issue some more.

Thanks to those who have given me tremendous help with this issue! You're very much appreciated!! Take care and be well, Kara.

Radio Switch Device Driver Download

Radio Switch Device Error Code 19

Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Radio Switch Device -? First of all I am sorry but I have no idea where to post this question. I could not find anything remotely close to the topic I need help with.

ENE Radio Switch Device drivers for Windows 10 x64

Radio Switch Device Driver Download

So, I bought a new laptop computer of a brand I have never bought before or even heard of before. It's a gaming machine but I bought it to run the Adobe Creative Cloud. I had been using Windows 8. It helps to keep track of updates and assists with driver installation. I opened the Device Manager and began to check on drivers one at a time. Sure enough there were many outdated drivers. So, I began to update them one at a time like I have always done. Then I went about getting to know my laptop and reading up on Windows At this point I still have not loaded any software not even Java. I found myself back at the GeForce Experience app.

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